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  • Ex-prosecutor: Politician's plea for UFO hacker lacks facts

    A former prosecutor says the Mayor of London was ignoring the facts this week when he publicly <a href=";articleId=9126868"> threw his support </a> behind the man who has admitted hacking into <a href=";searchTerms=U.S.+Armed+Forces"> U.S. military </a> computers in 2001.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin30 Jan. 09 09:38
  • London mayor asks Obama to drop case against British hacker

    In a column published Tuesday in London's Telegraph newspaper, the mayor of London called upon US President Barack Obama to call off the US effort to extradite and prosecute the British hacker who in 2001 broke into computer systems in the Department of Defense, NASA and the US Army.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin29 Jan. 09 10:19