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  • Japan gears up for 8K TV broadcasting

    If you've bought a 4K television and are disappointed at the lack of content, this might not ease your frustration: Japan has is fast on the way to 8K TV broadcasting with a full service due in the next four years.

    Written by Martyn Williams05 Oct. 16 18:51
  • Foxconn to pay over $US6bn for a majority stake in Sharp

    Sharp has approved an offer from Hon Hai Precision Industry and related companies to acquire over 66 per cent of the company’s voting stock, making the Taiwanese contract manufacturer the new parent of the venerable Japanese firm.

    Written by John Ribeiro25 Feb. 16 21:01
  • Tweets About TV Programs Prove Twitter's Earned Media Value

    New industry research, commissioned by Twitter, Fox and the Advertising Research Foundation, reports that social activity around television is still mostly a live event as 72 percent of users who tweet about TV do so while watching a live broadcast.

    Written by Matt Kapko25 March 14 17:41
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  • Entertainment titans talk the future of TV ads at CES

    The worlds of marketing and entertainment are more complicated than they were a just decade ago and there’s no indication that things will get less challenging, but executives from leading TV networks who spoke at CES 2016 say the medium has a bright future.

    Written by Matt Kapko09 Jan. 16 16:00
  • What's new with Samsung's Smart TV

    Samsung has beefed up its connected TV platform considerably as it faces threats from Google, Roku and its fellow television vendors.

    Written by Jared Newman07 Jan. 11 11:45
  • Microsoft TV vs. Google TV: Showdown at CES

    Microsoft will reportedly announce a new Windows-based US$200 set-top box using Windows Media Center as its primary interface, according to the Seattle Times.

    Written by Ian Paul05 Jan. 11 04:39
  • A Google TV refresher: What we know so far

    Google TV's planned fall launch is not news, but given that Google hasn't said much about its television plans since May, it's time for a refresher. Here's a quick rundown of everything to know about Google TV as anticipation grows for the imminent launch of the service:

    Written by Jared Newman09 Sept. 10 02:37
  • Google Wave flops: What Google service will go next?

    Let's pause for a moment of silence to remember Google Wave, a service that has gone off to greener pastures. Google confirmed the news late yesterday, saying the service hadn't seen the type of user adoption it had been hoping for.

    Written by Liane Cassavoy06 Aug. 10 04:17