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  • Underground calling service helps cybercriminals extract sensitive info

    Researchers from security vendor Trusteer have come across a professional calling service that caters to cybercriminals. The business offers to extract sensitive information needed for bank fraud and identity theft from individuals.

    Written by Lucian Constantin10 Nov. 11 05:56
  • SpyEye steals banking codes by sending them to wrong phone

    Researchers from browser security vendor Trusteer have identified a new variant of the SpyEye financial Trojan that tricks online banking users into changing the phone numbers associated with their accounts.

    Written by Lucian Constantin07 Oct. 11 01:27
  • Warning after Zeus bank Trojan fused with Ramnit worm

    Researchers have uncovered evidence that the infamous Zeus login-stealing Trojan has been blended with the Ramnit worm to create hybrid malware that can attack online bank accounts while spreading across networks.

    Written by John E Dunn24 Aug. 11 23:43
  • SpyEye Trojan morphs to defeat online banking defenses

    Banks are facing more trouble from SpyEye, a piece of malicious software that steals money from people's online bank accounts, according to new research from security vendor Trusteer.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk27 July 11 00:27
  • AusCERT 2011: Mobile banking malware on the rise

    Chief technology officer of Trusteer, Amit Klein, has spoken about the trends of mobile malware, citing mobile banking as the next big threat to the industry.

    Written by Lisa Banks17 May 11 09:50
  • Zeus Trojan defeats Microsoft security tool

    Only weeks after Microsoft added anti-Zeus Trojan detection to its free Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT), it is unable to detect the latest versions, a rival security company has claimed.

    Written by John E Dunn06 Nov. 10 04:13
  • Zeus not the only bank Trojan threat, users warned

    Online bank account users should not ignore the threat posed by obscure data-theft Trojans such as 'Bugat', 'SpyEye', and 'Carberp', security company Trusteer has warned.

    Written by John E Dunn13 Oct. 10 03:18
  • Zeus botnet bank thieves were careless with own security

    Suspects charged with stealing more than US$9.4 million from U.K. banks using the Zeus botnet apparently spent more time figuring out the logistics of stealing the money than they did on securing their cyber operation.

    Written by Tim Greene30 Sept. 10 08:17