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  • AT&T's data breach settlement called a 'slap on the wrist'

    The punishment AT&T received this week from the U.S. government for its sloppy protection of customer data is peanuts and won't scare other companies into taking stronger security measures, some cybersecurity experts said.

    Written by Grant Gross10 April 15 06:56
  • RedSeal gets new funding, executives

    Network visualization and risk assessment vendor RedSeal is re-launching with new capabilities, executives and funding that will be used to hire more engineers and boost its channel partners.

    Written by Tim Greene08 April 15 01:14
  • China discloses cyberwarfare unit, no one surprised

    It came as a shock to just about no one in the cybersecurity industry that China has a cyberware unit, which was acknowledged by the government there this week.

    Written by Grant Gross21 March 15 07:30