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  • Soft skills now an essential focus of IT recruitment

    Soft skills are becoming an essential focus of IT recruitment, with customer service and communication skills now weighted quite heavily for low level infrastructure support roles, according to the latest Hays Quarterly Report.

    Written by Bonnie Gardiner22 April 15 13:52
  • DevOps to become mainstream by 2016

    DevOps will evolve from being a niche strategy to a mainstream practice implemented by a quarter of Global 2000 firms, Gartner believes.

    Written by Bonnie Gardiner09 March 15 14:39
  • Cloud computing gaining momentum in 2013: Ovum

    The global cloud computing market will continue to grow in 2013 as enterprises look to reduce costs and boost innovation, according to analyst firm Ovum.

    Written by Hamish Barwick18 Jan. 13 09:50
  • IT Job Market Bounces Back in October

    The IT sector saw in an increase of 12,500 jobs for October, well above the 2012 average and a strong turnaround from a 1,700 job loss in September.

    Written by Rich Hein05 Nov. 12 22:22
  • How to avoid future shock

    What's wrong with how most companies create a business strategy?

    Written by Kim S. Nash16 Dec. 11 12:00
  • Australians obsessed with planking, cyclones and the census: Facebook

    Each year, millions of people post on Facebook to share what's important to them, discuss world events, or just goof off with their friends. With more than 800 million people connected around the globe on Facebook news about the world's triumphs and tragedies – as well as the latest – spread fast.

    Written by Georgina Swan08 Dec. 11 08:15
  • Search engines ruin our memory, make us smarter

    By now you've probably heard that Google and other search engines are making us think differently. Columbia University researcher Betsy Sparrow said we are remembering less information if it is readily available online, but we are remembering where we can find that information on the Internet.

    Written by Paul Suarez17 July 11 09:05
  • Twitter Trends goes local

    Australians will have to wait for the newly-hatched Twitter Local Trends feature - which went live overnight - to come down under.

    Written by Darren Pauli28 Jan. 10 08:19