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  • Tracking and the law

    The ability to access and use mobile data is a new area of law that continues to be shaped and reshaped.

    Written by Evan Schuman28 Oct. 14 20:11
  • Splunk dives deeper into business analytics

    Splunk continues to enhance its flagship machine data search engine so it can be used by business analysts and managers, in addition to its typical audience of system and network administrators.

    Written by Joab Jackson01 Oct. 13 20:30
  • Building a more resourceful cloud

    While managers may anticipate how cloud computing will one day ease IT headaches, the purveyors of cloud services themselves still need to further fine-tune the way their cloud services are metered and managed in order to make truly flexible cloud computing a reality.

    Written by Joab Jackson15 June 11 07:47
  • Aternity app monitor now covers Web 2.0 apps

    Aternity has updated its application monitoring platform so that it can monitor Ajax-styled Web applications as well as 64-bit Java desktop applications, the company announced Tuesday.

    Written by Joab Jackson25 May 11 06:58
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