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  • Some sharks have become social media stars

    When news of a shark attack on professional surfer Mick Fanning reached Costa Rica and 9-year-old Ella Strickland Sunday, she grabbed her mother's smartphone to see if the great white was one of the sharks she knows.

    Written by Lucas Mearian21 July 15 20:51
  • What's behind Microsoft's not-so-crazy startup spending spree

    Microsoft so far this year has been the most acquisitive company in enterprise IT, snapping up at least four firms on top of four others that it bought in the last two months of 2014. And while the buyouts might at first glance appear scattershot we're talking text analysis, calendaring and digital pen startups among others -- there does seem to be a grand plan here.

    Written by Bob Brown10 April 15 04:46
  • 9 Ways to Keep Employees Motivated and Productive During the Holidays

    Keeping morale and productivity high during the holiday season (between Thanksgiving and just after New Year's) can be tough. The pull (and stress) of family and holiday shopping can cause workers to be distracted, or lose interest. As can going to work while their coworkers take vacation days.

    Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff03 Dec. 14 02:44
  • Wearable Health Tech in Early Days, But Long-Term Benefits Emerging

    A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers study concludes that, for the bulk of users, wearable health devices are a novelty that wears off. Only 21 percent of 1,000 consumers surveyed own a wearable, and fewer than half of device owners wear them daily.

    Written by Brian Eastwood07 Nov. 14 02:22
  • Retina iPad Mini inventory tracker returns from dead

    A pair of inventory trackers, including one resurrected after Apple demanded it stop collecting data from its online store website, are helping buyers locate scarce Apple smartphones and tablets.

    Written by Gregg Keizer15 Nov. 13 11:47
  • iPad Air's usage share hints at opening weekend sales boom

    Apple's new iPad Air got off to a fast start this weekend, according to measurements of its online activity, which was twice the combined shares of 2012's then-new fourth-generation iPad and iPad Mini tablets.

    Written by Gregg Keizer04 Nov. 13 17:59
  • Layoffs coming to BlackBerry could reach 40 per cent

    BlackBerry said it will continue to take steps to optimise its business, following a report that up to 40 per cent of its 12,700 employees will lose their jobs by year's end.

    Written by Matt Hamblen18 Sept. 13 19:27
  • IDC: Windows 8 a factor in lower 2012 PC sales

    The final numbers are in showing that PC makers shipped fewer machines last year than in 2011, and Windows 8 is among several factors being blamed by IDC for the decline, which is expected to continue this year.

    Written by Tim Greene05 March 13 22:17