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  • Mathew Doughty leaves the ASX

    The Australian Securities Exchange’s long-standing GM, technology, Mathew Doughty has left the organisation, an ASX spokesperson confirmed on Wednesday.

    Written by Byron Connolly04 Oct. 17 11:27
  • ​Tim Thurman new CDO at Paysafe Group

    Former ASX tech boss Tim Thurman, has been headhunted by global payments provider, Paysafe Group to fill a newly-created chief digital officer role.

    Written by Byron Connolly06 March 17 10:16
  • ​Protecting privacy key challenge for govt data sharing

    Protecting the privacy of information shared between agencies will be a key challenge for the NSW Data Analytics Centre (DAC), according to the newly-appointed chair of its advisory board, ASX CIO, Tim Thurman.

    Written by Byron Connolly22 April 16 15:59
  • Getting IT governance right

    Why is the corporate governance of IT so important and what do organisations need to do to get it right? Tim Thurman, CIO at the Australian Securities Exchange, and Brian Parker, CIO at Cuscal reveal how they are approaching IT governance.

    Written by Byron Connolly18 Aug. 14 10:06
  • The value of a strategically minded CIO

    Why are so many CIOs seen as nothing more than operational managers? Is it a distrust of ICT? Is it a lack of understanding? Or is it a mindset that refuses to evolve over time?

    Written by Mark Coles11 July 14 15:44
  • Trading on customer experience

    Self-confessed technologist and ASX Group CIO Tim Thurman has spent his working life striving to bridge the gap between technology and business.

    Written by Nadia Cameron14 Jan. 14 10:58