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  • Meatware not well understood by Aussie enterprise, survey

    ​Wetware, the fleshwall, meatware, warmware – whatever you call the sweaty-skin-bags-of-blood that sit at the desks round your office, they represent a major risk to cybersecurity in the enterprise.

    Written by George Nott02 March 17 07:00
  • Case study: When a hacker destroys your business

    Co-founder of the now-defunct Distribute.IT, Carl Woerndle, gives a warts and all account of the cyber attack so damaging it destroyed his once prospering technology business.

    Written by Byron Connolly and Bonnie Gardiner03 March 15 14:21
  • The threat Cloud computing providers pose to corporate IT

    People underestimate how much cloud providers present a challenge to IT as it's practiced today in most organisations. A couple of news stories brought home this point. They illustrate the existential threat that cloud computing and its practices present to corporate IT groups.

    Written by Bernard Golden18 Oct. 11 08:01

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