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  • ThinkSmart extends deal with JB Hi-Fi

    Computer equipment finance provider ThinkSmart (ASX:TSM) has extended and expanded the terms of its commercial relationship with JB Hi-Fi

    Written by Dylan Bushell-Embling06 May 11 17:35
  • ThinkSmart profit grows 31%

    IT equipment financing company ThinkSmart (ASX:TSM) has reported a record $6.8m in calendar 2010 profit – a 31% increase from 2009

    Written by Dylan Bushell-Embling21 Feb. 11 20:30
  • ThinkSmart secures $160m in credit facilities

    ThinkSmart (ASX:TSM) has signed two credit facilities worth a combined $160m to help provide funding for its IT equipment financing services

    Written by Dylan Bushell-Embling17 Feb. 11 19:15
  • ThinkSmart reports strong first month for Infinity

    Computer equipment financing company ThinkSmart (ASX:TSM) has reported an “enouraging” first month of sales for the joint computer financing product offered jointly with UK retailer Dixons

    Written by Dylan Bushell-Embling23 Nov. 10 18:15