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  • Tor connections to hidden services could be easy to de-anonymize

    Identifying users who access Tor hidden services -- websites that are only accessible inside the Tor anonymity network -- is easier than de-anonymizing users who use Tor to access regular Internet websites.

    Written by Lucian Constantin30 May 15 02:48
  • Tor Project mulls how Feds took down hidden websites

    Little is known about how U.S. and European law enforcement shut down more than 400 websites, including Silk Road 2.0, which used technology that hides their true IP addresses.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk10 Nov. 14 12:51
  • TOR patch coming

    The TOR Project thinks it has figured out how the author of a canceled Black Hat talk cracked its software to mask the source of Internet traffic, and it is working on a patch.

    Written by Tim Greene23 July 14 08:06