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  • Raids cast doubt on the integrity of TOR

    Federal law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and Europe have shut down more than 400 Web sites using .onion addresses and made arrests of those who run them, which calls into question whether the anonymizing The Onion Router (Tor) network itself is still secure.

    Written by Tim Greene08 Nov. 14 09:17
  • Tiny Anonabox to offer online anonymity through Tor

    A startup is offering a tiny wireless router to users who want their anonymity protected by first encrypting and then routing their traffic over the Tor network.

    Written by Lucas Mearian14 Oct. 14 06:01
  • TOR patch coming

    The TOR Project thinks it has figured out how the author of a canceled Black Hat talk cracked its software to mask the source of Internet traffic, and it is working on a patch.

    Written by Tim Greene23 July 14 08:06
  • The Onion explains how its Twitter account was hacked

    Hackers who commandeered The Onion's Twitter account used simple but effective phishing attacks to obtain passwords, according to a writeup by the publisher's technology team.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk10 May 13 01:19