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  • How Lenovo uses text analytics for product quality and design

    Multiple online sites and call centres offer a rich source of data to extract insights on what customers want and need from your product and service. The problem is it’s unstructured, big and often messy. But that doesn’t mean it’s not manageable.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett02 Sept. 15 11:44
  • 5 tools and techniques for text analytics

    There’s a proliferation of unstructured data on the Net and coming into customer call centres. But manually going through the haystack to find the needle is an insurmountable, unrealistic task to complete. Speaking at the recent Big Data TechCon event in Boston, data mining expert, Dan Sullivan from Cambia Health Solutions, discussed several tools and techniques to get you started.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett18 May 15 16:29
  • Text Analytics Can Help Businesses Soothe Upset Callers

    An Ernst & Young report says that text analytics and voice-recognition software can help customer-service reps solve problems instead of trying to cross-sell an unhappy caller.

    Written by Mitch Betts30 July 13 19:57