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  • Life as an IT contractor

    The upside of life as an IT contractor is alluring. You get to be your own boss, accept only the jobs you want, and work flexible hours. With each assignment comes the opportunity to learn new skills and gain exposure to different environments.

    Written by Ann Bednarz17 Oct. 14 06:16
  • Is BYOD Burning Out Your Workforce?

    A new study suggests Bring Your Own Device workers may be getting burnt out. Their self-imposed blended work-life lifestyle essentially puts them on call around the clock, over weekends and on vacations, which can lead to copious amounts of stress, according to a TEKsystems survey of more than 300 IT professionals.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige24 Sept. 14 22:49
  • Job solicitations multiply for tech talent

    Most happily employed IT pros would consider a new job opportunity -- and there are plenty more to consider these days as recruiters struggle to fill in-demand positions.

    Written by Ann Bednarz27 Aug. 14 03:26
  • The three extremes of corporate BYOD policies

    Corporate attitudes regarding bring-your-own-device policies appear to fall into one of three categories, according to a survey of IT users: There's no official policy, devices are banned or no one talks about it.

    Written by Lucas Mearian01 Aug. 13 19:19
  • EHR Implementation Rising, But Hurdles for Healthcare Providers Remain

    Thanks to government incentives, more healthcare organizations in the United States are implementing Electronic Health Record systems than ever before. But EHR implementation isn't the same as EHR adoption, which requires significant investment in planning, training and personnel.

    Written by Brian Eastwood06 May 13 13:52
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  • Can better job descriptions close the IT skills gap?

    It seems the debate about the IT skills gap has reached a consensus -- both IT leaders and IT workers believe the IT skills gap exists and that it negatively impacts IT operations. But debate remains about the root causes of the skills gap and how best to address them, according to a recent IT Skills Gap Survey released by staffing solutions, IT talent management expertise and IT services provider TEKsystems.

    Written by Sharon Florentine29 July 15 23:30
  • 10 hottest IT skills for 2015

    The pace of job growth in IT may be slowing down, but it's still moving at a strong clip.

    Written by Mary K. Pratt19 Nov. 14 02:30