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  • 'GenMobile' Thinks Beyond 9-to-5

    A new workday is emerging among the younger mobile generation, but while millennials excel at blending work and personal activities on weekends and into the night, the productivity comes on their terms.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige22 Jan. 14 17:38
  • Seattle Seahawks Score With Line-Busting Mobile POS Systems

    Major sporting events have one thing in common: long lines everywhere. For the Seattle Seahawks, those lines at its souvenir shop were costing it game-day revenue. The team's IT specialist architected a winning game plan that starred a mobile point-of-sale system that kept the lines moving.

    Written by Stephanie Overby13 Dec. 13 15:02
  • Mobile Tech's Bright Future Has a Dark Side

    Experts at the Open Mobile Summit discuss the future of mobility, some have a rosy view, some a darker perspective. Perhaps mobile innovation can make life easier, but what will it cost you in terms of privacy?

    Written by Tom Kaneshige13 Nov. 13 22:00
  • Zombies Are Scary for Halloween, Scarier for Mobile IT

    If you're talking about movies or Halloween costumes, zombies are scary fun. However, when the term for the undead refers to company-owned or BYOD mobile phones, CIOs are looking at the potential for frightening amounts of buried expenses.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige08 Oct. 13 20:49
  • Unlocking Mobile Devices Could Give BYOD a Boost

    As consumers (and workers) grow increasingly dependent on mobile devices and BYOD becomes more prevalent in the enterprise, the Obama administration is asking federal regulators to require carriers to unlock devices upon request, making them available on other networks.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin19 Sept. 13 14:00
  • 5 Things You Need to Know About Geofencing

    This location-based mobile service lets marketers send messages to smartphone users when they enter a defined geographic area, such as a shopping mall.

    Written by Lauren Brousell28 Aug. 13 12:50
  • Mobile Connectivity Could Net Feds Productivity Gains

    Federal managers are warming to the benefits of mobilizing the government workforce, though frustrations about network connectivity and security procedures persist, according to a new survey.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin20 Aug. 13 20:23
  • How Goodwill Achieves Mobility on a Tight Budget

    When the grants that fund Goodwill International began to require onsite job assistance programs, the organization had no choice but to become a mobile enterprise. Doing this on disparate devices and a nonprofit budget wasn't easy, but remote desktop and mobile management tools did the job.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige15 Aug. 13 21:03
  • CIOs say mobilising enterprise apps is not that easy

    Employees want their go-to business apps available on their mobile devices. IT wants to deliver enterprise apps to help mobile workers become more productive. So what's keeping CIOs from bringing those critical apps to iPhones and Android phones?

    Written by Tom Kaneshige31 July 13 19:32
  • Mobile Apps require a CIO mind shift

    It's time to get started on smartphone apps that will make employees more productive and customers more loyal, say Forrester Research analysts Josh Bernoff and Ted Schadler.

    Written by Ted Schadler and Josh Bernoff30 July 13 19:21