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  • 10 Bad Coding Practices That Wreck Software Development Projects

    Most of the time, software developers do the right thing. On those rare occasions when they don't, bad things can happen. Avoiding these common coding practices will make your work easier -- and your software more secure and scalable to boot.

    Written by Paul Rubens26 June 14 23:54
  • App developers need to pay attention to usability

    The CIO of the future will need to develop a robust, professional organisation devoted to the user experience, according to an expert on usability.

    Written by Mary K. Pratt29 July 13 15:07
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  • Windows Developers Struggling With Mobile Apps

    Windows developers are receiving an ever-greater number of requests for mobile apps. However, they are struggling to meet that mobile demand with current tools and skills, while also meeting expectations to support and enhance of existing desktop applications.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud17 Sept. 13 21:01
  • 7 Tools to Build Websites Using Responsive Design

    As smartphone and tablet use continues to grow, it's increasingly important for your business website to look good on a small screen. These seven tools will help you build a fully functional site for phone, tablet and traditional desktop devices.

    Written by Nathan Segal25 March 13 19:39