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  • HR Software Helps Healthcare System Improve Talent Management, Cut Costs

    Healthcare is all about people -- not just the patients a hospital sees but, also, the professionals who take care of them. Those employees can be hard to manage, especially as healthcare models evolve. Before long, inefficiencies emerge and costs skyrocket. Learn how one hospital used human resources software to stop the proverbial bleeding.

    Written by Brian Eastwood27 Jan. 14 16:33
  • CIOs Must Face the Talent Challenge

    The IT talent wars are intensifying. IDG Enterprise CEO Michael Friedenberg identifies several approaches that CIOs are using to attract and nurture top talent.

    Written by Michael Friedenberg30 Oct. 12 20:01
  • Supply chain talent: In demand and out of stock?

    One critical shortage in the supply chain right now has nothing to do with Apple iPhones, Nintendo Wiis or Zhu Zhu Pets being out of stock for the holidays: It's the people who manage companies' supply chains.

    Written by Thomas Wailgum16 Nov. 10 05:55
Features about talent management
  • Think Tank: Managing the talent pool

    Think of talent management and we immediately think of managing bright, high potential employees. But although ‘star talent’ individuals are important in any business, just managing stars is not enough. A high performing team means managers must understand the performance and contribution from all the team and manage the talent pool.

    Written by Hemant Kogekar13 July 11 09:04

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  • Preparing Your Organisation For The Future of Work

    Today’s employees don’t want a career – they want an experience. Shifting to these new behaviors and expectations is the challenge for today’s businesses. This white paper will explore this challenge and why preparing your organisation for the future of work is so critical for Australian and New Zealand businesses.