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  • Refurbished HP TouchPad fire sale is happening this Sunday

    Just when we thought the $99 Hewlett-Packard TouchPad was gone forever, the tablet that refuses to die is coming back for one last sale, according to online reports. A limited quantity of refurbished TouchPads will reportedly go on sale at HP's eBay Store starting at 6 p.m. US Central Time (7 p.m. Eastern) on Sunday, December 11.

    Written by Ian Paul12 Dec. 11 08:28
  • WebOS lives on! HP's mobile OS to go open source

    The future of webOS has been hazy since HP announced in August that it will discontinue its webOS line of devices. The HP Veer 4G faded into oblivion, but the HP TouchPad has enjoyed numerous fire sales since the announcement. Today, HP announced that webOS will live on as an open source platform.

    Written by Ginny Mies12 Dec. 11 08:30
  • Kindle Fire creates dilemma for Android

    The Amazon Kindle Fire is living up to its name by setting the tablet market on fire. Pre-orders of the as yet unreleased tablet have been phenomenal. The success of the Kindle Fire, however, puts Android tablets in general between a rock and a hard place.

    Written by Tony Bradley12 Nov. 11 03:48
  • Tablet shopping online? Watch out for fakes

    Given the growing ubiquity of tablets in the business world as well as among consumers, it's a pretty safe bet that there are numerous IT decision-makers shopping online for the mobile devices at any given time.

    Written by Katherine Noyes03 Nov. 11 06:55
  • New Nook Color: 4 things we want to see

    On November 7, Barnes & Noble will likely announce a new Nook Color, replacing the 7-inch e-reader/tablet that launched nearly a year ago.

    Written by Jared Newman02 Nov. 11 04:44
  • Is Ubuntu Linux too late to the mobile game?

    Canonical certainly delivered some exciting news this week when it announced that its Ubuntu Linux distribution is on the way to tablets, smartphones, and TVs.

    Written by Katherine Noyes02 Nov. 11 06:06
  • RIM faces hard questions at this week's Developers Conference

    Will Blackberry-maker Research In Motion finally lay out clear plans for its next-generation devices on Tuesday during the company's Blackberry DevCon Americas developer conference in San Francisco? That's what some critics are wondering as RIM attempts to overhaul its image following a number of setbacks in recent months. Most recently, the company's reputation was battered from a multi-day service outage leaving Blackberry fans all over the globe without messaging and Internet capabilities.

    Written by Ian Paul18 Oct. 11 04:29
  • Kindle Fire preorders: 95,000 units sold

    Amazon's Kindle Fire had a decent first day of preorders, with 95,000 units sold, according to third-party research firm eDataSource.

    Written by Jared Newman05 Oct. 11 03:18
  • Better run your business from a tablet

    Getting work done with just a tablet is hard. Many of us carry Android or iOS tablets to stay connected while we’re away from our PC, but without a proper keyboard or mouse it’s difficult to do much more than answer a few emails or play Angry Birds.

    Written by Alex Wawro29 Sept. 11 00:52
  • Amazon Kindle Fire tablet vs. competition: Spec showdown

    Amazon compromised on several hardware features of its Kindle Fire to deliver the most affordable mainstream 7-inch media tablet. Arriving on November 15 for $199, the Kindle Fire will enter a crowded market dominated by Apple's iPad.

    Written by Daniel Ionescu29 Sept. 11 03:33
  • How to recover a lost phone, tablet, or laptop

    The bad news: At some point, your cell phone is likely to go missing. Whether it falls out of your pocket in a cab, or you leave it unattended in a public place for a few seconds only to have it swiped by someone with sticky fingers and low moral fiber, your phone is vulnerable. In fact, according to a report from security software company Symantec, 36 percent of U.S. consumers have had a cell phone disappear on them.

    Written by Armando Rodriguez and Nick Mediati27 Sept. 11 11:05
  • Amazon Kindle Tablet: Android tablet or eReader on steroids?

    Amazon is expected to unveil its Kindle Tablet at a press event in New York on Wednesday. From what we know so far about the device, it seems like it might be the first tablet rival capable of really competing with the Apple iPad. Based on the size and use of the Kindle brand, though, it is reasonable to wonder whether the Kindle Tablet is a true tablet PC, or just a Kindle with some tablet features.

    Written by Tony Bradley26 Sept. 11 23:42