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  • Tableau 9.0 beta rolls out

    Tableau will showcase beta version 9.0 of its data visualization and analysis software to a large group of customers today, touting features that include drag-and-drop analytics as well as data-preparation features that formerly had to be done outside the application.

    Written by Sharon Machlis12 March 15 00:20
  • How LinkedIn uses data to drive sales

    Sales representatives at LinkedIn are using data from the professional social media website to help customers with hiring and marketing.

    Written by Hamish Barwick06 March 15 12:18
Features about Tableau
  • What animated movies can teach you about data analysis

    There’s not much use in presenting data through convoluted, cluttered-looking reports that could make a person instantly fall asleep. That’s the view of Pat Hanrahan, who has spent most of his life working on data visualisations and beautiful images.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett26 Feb. 14 14:37