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  • Will cloud services be traded just like stocks and bonds one day?

    Today, cloud computing resources are bought and sold in a fairly straightforward process: A company needs extra compute capacity, for example, so they contract with a provider who spins up virtual machines for a certain amount of time.

    Written by Brandon Butler09 Oct. 13 21:44
  • College-level Cobol classes are scarce

    At universities today, Cobol is often taught as an elective, if it's included in the curriculum at all.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau22 April 13 10:04
  • UN's ITU should be dismantled, former White House official says

    The U.S. government should push for the United Nations' International Telecommunication Union to be dismantled in addition to playing defense against proposals for restrictive Internet regulations at an upcoming telecom conference, a former White House official said.

    Written by Grant Gross29 Nov. 12 18:44
  • US WCIT ambassador: Some things aren't negotiable

    The U.S. delegation to an upcoming United Nations telecom treaty-writing conference will not budge on its positions advocating free speech online and opposing broad new regulations for the Internet, the leader of the delegation said Wednesday.

    Written by Grant Gross14 Nov. 12 22:17
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  • Social Media Certifications Prepare Students, Employees for Social Business

    Using social media to market your business or collaborate internally means more than having a presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook. To teach college students that lesson, Syracuse University adopted HootSuite University's certification program. Syracuse isn't alone: Social media certifications are a growing trend, but is a training course right for you?

    Written by Kristin Burnham02 April 13 16:22