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  • Meltdown! New Periscope iPhone app live streams ice cream factory's end

    The <a href="">teardown of a 50-plus-year-old ice cream plant</a> across from Network World's Framingham, Mass., headquarters today practically screamed to be live streamed via Twitter's new <a href="">Periscope app for the iPhone</a>. So I took my iPhone 5 into the parking lot during lunch and brought the action live to a whoever happened to stumble across it.

    Written by Bob Brown27 March 15 08:07
  • Snowden leaks erode trust in Internet companies, government

    Edward Snowden's revelations about the National Security Agency's data collection practices have eroded the public's trust in major technology companies -- and in the Internet, a Harris Interactive survey found.

    Written by Jaikumar Vijayan04 April 14 22:37
  • Gates: Microsoft products 'need more than a tune-up'

    Microsoft's software is due for major changes in order to transition effectively into the era of Cloud computing and mobility, the company's co-founder Bill Gates says in a Rolling Stone interview.

    Written by Tim Greene14 March 14 20:35