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  • No Microsoft Surface Pro for Australia (yet)

    Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet, which will be capable of running regular Windows 8 desktop applications, will be available in the US and Canada from 9 February. However, Microsoft is yet to reveal details of Surface Pro's Australian release.

    Written by Rohan Pearce23 Jan. 13 10:51
  • In Pictures: 13 new Windows machines that aren't Surface RT

    Microsoft's Surface RT tablet has been consuming daily news cycles lately, but there are plenty of other manufacturers fighting for attention as we approach the Windows 8 launch day on Oct. 26. Luckily, Microsoft's partners (we can still call them that, right?) are all providing some truly unique and intriguing hardware options. They're not getting the attention of Surface RT, but who knows, maybe one of the following 13 machines is really the new Windows device to beat. After all, we only gave Surface RT 3.5 stars out of a scale of 5. We start our tour of Surface alternatives with the Asus Vivo Tab RT, shown here.

    Written by Alex Cocilova25 Oct. 12 08:51