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  • 'Secure' advertising tool PrivDog compromises HTTPS security

    New cases of insecure HTTPS traffic interception are coming to light as researchers probe software programs for implementations that could enable malicious attacks. The latest software to open a man-in-the-middle hole on users' PCs is a new version of PrivDog, an advertising product with ties to security vendor Comodo.

    Written by Lucian Constantin24 Feb. 15 04:16
  • Superfish security flaw also exists in other apps, non-Lenovo systems

    On Thursday security researchers warned that an adware program called Superfish, which was preloaded on some Lenovo consumer laptops, opened computers to attack. However, it seems that the same poorly designed and flawed traffic interception mechanism used by Superfish is also used in other software programs.

    Written by Lucian Constantin21 Feb. 15 05:21