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News about Stuxnet worm
  • Nuclear warheads could be next Stuxnet target: Check Point

    Due to the complexity and sophistication of the code contained within the Stuxnet worm, the possibility of it being used to take control of a nuclear warhead is high, according to a security expert.

    Written by Hamish Barwick09 Sept. 11 12:36
  • McAfee, Intel subsidiary Wind River join forces to head off future Stuxnet-like attacks

    McAfee, which will soon be an Intel subsidiary, and Wind River, which already is one, Wednesday announced they are hardening the security of industrial commercial operating systems supplied by Wind River to makers of products such as automated teller machines, medical devices, TV set-top boxes and cameras.

    Written by Ellen Messmer17 Feb. 11 07:34
  • Iran admits Stuxnet worm infected PCs at nuclear reactor

    Although some computers at Iran's Bushehr nuclear reactor were infected by the Stuxnet worm, none of the facility's crucial control systems were affected, Iranian officials claimed Sunday.

    Written by Gregg Keizer28 Sept. 10 02:57
  • Stuxnet worm can re-infect scrubbed PCs

    A security researcher today revealed yet another way that the Stuxnet worm spreads, a tactic that can re-infect machines that have already been scrubbed of the malware.

    Written by Gregg Keizer28 Sept. 10 09:36