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  • Coalition’s NBN a ‘policy vacuum', says iiNet

    Australia’s third-largest ISP iiNet has blasted the Coalition’s revamped plan for the National Broadband Network, saying that the strategic review, cost/benefit analysis and public debate are all being conducted in a “policy vacuum”.

    Written by Byron Connolly29 Jan. 14 14:34
  • Ludlam hits out at Coalition's NBN policy

    Greens ICT spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam has condemned the Coalition’s alternative vision for the National Broadband Network.

    Written by Stephanie McDonald09 April 13 18:33
  • iiNet confirms head office staff cuts

    Perth-based service provider iiNet (ASX:IIN) has confirmed a number of redundancies have been offered to staff, largely at the company’s head office, as part of a wider review of staff structure.

    Written by James Hutchinson09 Feb. 11 16:05
  • Can Australia's internet be switched off, too?

    Although Australia has been a stable democracy for 110 years now, shutting off the country's internet would be surprisingly easy to do and take just minutes, according to telecommunications experts.

    Written by Tim Lohman31 Jan. 11 11:36