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  • 5 things you need to know about SSL

    Here's a quick and dirty guide to SSL/TLS, one of the most important technologies for securing data on the Internet.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk19 March 16 05:20
  • New SSL server rules go into effect Nov. 1

    Public certificate authorities (CAs) are warning that as of Nov. 1 they will reject requests for internal SSL server certificates that don't conform to new internal domain naming and IP address conventions designed to safeguard networks.

    Written by Ellen Messmer25 July 14 07:03
  • What Google, Facebook and Twitter are doing right with website security

    The popular services of Google, Facebook and Twitter are improving in terms of security, says Scott Behrens, head of Neohapsis Labs, which took a security snapshot of them on May 28 through an analysis that included looking at server headers sent during responses to the websites.

    Written by Ellen Messmer03 June 13 15:22
  • Certificate Authorities Form Group to Educate on SSL Best Practices

    Responding to the increasing number of threats aimed at certificate authorities and the ecosystem of trusted online transactions they represent, seven certificate authorities have come together to form an advocacy group to advance security standards and promote best practices.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud15 Feb. 13 17:45
  • What's lurking in your network? Find out by decrypting SSL

    Organizations have spent vast sums of money on security systems and, when deployed and operated correctly, they play a key role in safeguarding the organization. However, most systems have one critical dependency: The traffic flowing through must be readable. If the traffic is encrypted, many systems are almost completely useless, giving the system owner a false sense of security.

    Written by Brian Heder18 Jan. 13 17:15

Whitepapers about SSL

  • Zero Second Day? More like Zero Second

    What can malware do in 60 seconds? One minute can change everything for a business. The speed of business is all about being responsive to customers and stakeholders. So what happens when the speed of business is overtaken by the speed of malware? Given the unprecedented growth in the number of security threats that focus on stealing data, sabotaging business continuity and damaging a company’s reputation, what should organizations do to ensure the speed of malware doesn’t disrupt the speed of business? T

  • The 300 Unknown Malware Test