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  • Samsung Galaxy S II will come to Sprint first

    <a href="">Sprint will be the first U.S. mobile carrier</a> to sell Samsung's Galaxy S II, starting Sept. 16, but T-Mobile and AT&amp;T said Tuesday they also will offer the phone.

    Written by Nancy Gohring31 Aug. 11 09:36
  • Report: Sprint will get the iPhone 5 in October

    Sprint will for the first time sell an iPhone, starting with the next generation of the phone, in mid-October, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday.

    Written by Nancy Gohring24 Aug. 11 06:26
  • Clearwire's LTE plan faces high hurdles

    WiMax carrier Clearwire's so-far-unfunded plan to adopt LTE faces several obstacles, but the company effectively doesn't have a choice, according to industry analysts.

    Written by Stephen Lawson09 Aug. 11 04:37
  • New group plans 100,000 broadband-enabled jobs in US

    A group of U.S. businesses has announced a goal of creating 100,000 call center jobs in the country over the next two years, using broadband as the supporting infrastructure.

    Written by Grant Gross05 Aug. 11 04:42
  • Clearwire plans LTE network, seeks $600M

    Clearwire plans to deploy an LTE network in addition to its existing WiMax system but estimates it will need to raise about US$600 million to do so.

    Written by Stephen Lawson04 Aug. 11 09:14
  • Clearwire to add LTE to its network

    WiMax mobile operator Clearwire plans to add equipment to its network that can use LTE-Advanced, the next generation of LTE technology, the company announced Wednesday.

    Written by Stephen Lawson04 Aug. 11 06:52
  • Sprint to sell WiMax service wholesale

    Sprint Nextel is a wholesale customer of Clearwire's WiMax service but will itself become a wholesale provider of the service to other carriers.

    Written by Stephen Lawson03 Aug. 11 06:36
  • Sprint, LightSquared see green in LTE

    Sprint Nextel's deal with LightSquared to build and run its LTE network for more than US$13 billion in cash and credits all comes down to money.

    Written by Stephen Lawson29 July 11 10:20
  • Sprint gives up majority vote at Clearwire

    Sprint Nextel has given up its majority voting power at Clearwire to defuse investors' concerns about the danger to Sprint if Clearwire defaulted on its debt.

    Written by Stephen Lawson10 June 11 05:50
  • AT&T says its needs T-Mobile spectrum

    AT&amp;T will be able to significantly improve its mobile network capacity and give better service to its customers because of its proposed acquisition of rival T-Mobile USA, company officials said Thursday.

    Written by Grant Gross10 June 11 05:42
  • Sprint launches new Tegra 2 Android phone

    Sprint has launched its long-rumored Photon 4G, its first Motorola Android phone running the Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core ARM processor.

    Written by Joab Jackson10 June 11 03:46
  • Sprint, others ask FCC to deny AT&T deal for T-Mobile

    Sprint Nextel, joined by an army of thousands of consumers, have filed requests for the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to block AT&amp;T's proposed acquisition of rival mobile carrier T-Mobile USA.

    Written by Grant Gross01 June 11 06:57