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  • Sandy slams mobile, wired and cable networks as far west as Michigan

    Post-Tropical Cyclone Sandy knocked out mobile, phone and cable service in many parts of the eastern U.S. on Monday, with about one in four cell sites affected in the hardest-hit band of the country between Virginia and Massachusetts, according to an FCC estimate.

    Written by Stephen Lawson30 Oct. 12 22:56
  • Sprint hits delays in LTE rollout

    Sprint Nextel's deployment of its ambitious Network Vision infrastructure, which includes the gradual rollout of 4G LTE technology, is about three months behind schedule due to several factors, the company said during its financial results call on Thursday.

    Written by Stephen Lawson25 Oct. 12 20:59
  • Sprint Direct Connect Now makes push-to-talk an Android app

    Push-to-talk, once the killer app of Nextel's iDEN network and more recently a feature offered on certain Sprint Nextel phones, has finally made the transformation into a downloadable Android app called Sprint Direct Connect Now.

    Written by Stephen Lawson24 Oct. 12 23:41
  • New Clearwire funding won't guarantee LTE plan

    Clearwire's big payday on Tuesday, when it raised US$734 million through a stock offering and a new investment by majority owner Sprint Nextel, helped the WiMax carrier but didn't seal the deal on its planned LTE network.

    Written by Stephen Lawson16 Dec. 11 09:30
  • DOJ tells judge there's not active AT&T's deal with T-Mobile

    The U.S. Department of Justice will file a motion to stay or dismiss its lawsuit to block AT&T's acquisition of T-Mobile USA because the agency believes there's no deal pending, a lawyer for the DOJ said Friday.

    Written by Grant Gross10 Dec. 11 04:26
  • Clearwire plans $300 million stock offering for LTE

    Clearwire plans to raise as much as $345 million in stock transactions to help fund its LTE (Long Term Evolution) network deployment and other activities.

    Written by Stephen Lawson06 Dec. 11 11:47
  • Comcast to phase out Clearwire service

    At least one of the cable operators that struck a wireless spectrum deal with Verizon on Friday now plans to stop reselling WiMax mobile service from Clearwire.

    Written by Stephen Lawson03 Dec. 11 12:41
  • Sprint, Clearwire lay out deals on LTE, WiMax, funding

    Sprint Nextel may help finance Clearwire's LTE network and keep offering WiMax service through 2015 under a set of agreements worth as much as US$1.6 billion that the companies laid out on Thursday.

    Written by Stephen Lawson02 Dec. 11 07:07
  • AT&T, Sprint confirm use of Carrier IQ rootkit software on handsets

    Amid what's snowballing into a major privacy controversy, AT&T, Sprint, HTC and Samsung today confirmed that their mobile phones integrate a controversial piece of tracking software from a company called Carrier IQ.

    Written by Jaikumar Vijayan02 Dec. 11 06:32
  • Mobile industry rolls out gaming rating system

    Mobile telecom trade group CTIA and the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) will roll out a rating system for mobile applications similar to ratings on other electronic games, the groups announced Tuesday.

    Written by Grant Gross30 Nov. 11 03:06
  • Cox stops selling mobile service

    Cox Communications, which planned its own mobile network in 2008 but later settled for reselling Sprint Nextel service, stopped selling wireless altogether on Wednesday.

    Written by Stephen Lawson17 Nov. 11 06:41
  • Stanton: Jobs wanted own network with unlicensed spectrum

    Steve Jobs initially hoped to create his own network with the unlicensed spectrum that Wi-Fi uses rather than work with the mobile operators, said wireless industry legend John Stanton.

    Written by Nancy Gohring16 Nov. 11 04:47
  • Critics of AT&T/T-Mobile merger question job gain estimates

    AT&T's assertions that its planned acquisition of T-Mobile USA will create up to 96,000 new U.S. jobs are "completely unfounded" and contrary to past evidence of similar mergers, one economist said Tuesday.

    Written by Grant Gross09 Nov. 11 10:04
  • AT&T extends date for T-Mobile deal to close

    AT&T has pushed back the expected date of its proposed US$39 billion merger with T-Mobile USA, saying now that the deal will close in the first half of 2012.

    Written by Stephen Lawson05 Nov. 11 05:21