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  • LTE tests signal Clearwire is serious

    WiMax carrier Clearwire is likely to adopt LTE (Long-Term Evolution), and its decision will probably be known within a year, analysts said following the company's announcement on Wednesday that it will test the network technology.

    Written by Stephen Lawson06 Aug. 10 05:38
  • AT&T to be 'premier' Windows Phone 7 vendor

    Say all you want about whether Windows Phone 7 (WP7) will succeed, but AT&T continues to back the platform wholeheartedly after endorsing it -- and Microsoft 's mobile efforts -- repeatedly over the last year.

    Written by Matt Hamblen28 July 10 07:02
  • Sprint to lay off more than 2,000

    Sprint Nextel expects to lay off as many as 2,500 people by year’s end, on the heels of reporting that it lost 545,000 customers in its third quarter.

    Written by Nancy Gohring11 Nov. 09 09:32
  • Sprint plans open app store

    Sprint Nextel next year will introduce a new, more open application store on its feature phones, turning to a third party to manage it with the goal of getting new offerings out to consumers in an average of one week.

    Written by Stephen Lawson29 Oct. 09 08:37