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  • AI researchers say Elon Musk's fears 'not completely crazy'

    High-tech entrepreneur Elon Musk made headlines when he said artificial intelligence research is a danger to humanity, but researchers from some of the top U.S. universities say he's not so far off the mark.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin30 Oct. 14 07:21
  • Days after Dragon returns, NASA readies Cygnus launch

    Two days after a SpaceX Dragon cargo craft left the International Space Station and returned to Earth, Orbital Science Corp.'s Cygnus cargo spacecraft is getting ready for a Monday launch.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin28 Oct. 14 00:59
  • SpaceX wants to build cities on Mars

    CEO and co-founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk, not only wants to send astronauts to Mars, he wants to build a city there.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin16 Sept. 14 06:18
  • NASA upgrades humanoid robot in space

    The 300-pound humanoid robot working on the International Space Station is in the midst of getting a series of upgrades, including new processors and software in preparation of having a pair of legs attached to it.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin23 July 14 04:36
  • SpaceX, NASA launching reusable rocket

    Reusability is a key to any plan to making human life interplanetary, according to the CEO of SpaceX, one of the companies tasked with ferrying cargo, and someday astronauts, to the International Space Station.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin12 March 14 19:42
  • NASA's 2015 budget plan maintains Mars landing plans

    NASA's $17.5 billion proposed fiscal 2015 budget would maintain the U.S. space agency's plan to send humans to Mars by 2030, to study near-Earth asteroids and to send astronauts to the International Space Station.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin05 March 14 01:51
  • Only 30% of top CEOs use social networks

    Only 30% of the CEOs at the top companies traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange are active on social media sites, gathering spots for millions of potential customers.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin06 Dec. 13 11:48