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  • Cleveland Indians turn to SIEM in malware, botnet battle

    For the Cleveland Indians' IT department, dealing with malware on behalf of hundreds of Windows-using employees at the baseball team's Progressive Field data center operations can be a little bit like a pitcher facing a stacked batting line-up: a constant battle.

    Written by Ellen Messmer27 Aug. 14 04:55
  • Antivirus products riddled with security flaws, researcher says

    It's generally accepted that antivirus programs provide a necessary protection layer, but organizations should audit such products before deploying them on their systems because many of them contain serious vulnerabilities, a researcher warned.

    Written by Lucian Constantin31 July 14 02:38
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  • Email lessons from Gen. Petraeus' downfall

    Email is at the center of the scandal that brought down CIA Director David Petraeus, one of the country's most decorated generals.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin15 Nov. 12 11:13

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  • How to stay protected against ransomware

    Businesses large and small are under threat from increasingly aggressive and brutal ransomware attacks. Loss of access to critical files, followed by a demand for payment can cause massive disruption to an organization’s productivity.