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  • 4 Internet privacy laws you should know about

    Last year after an outpouring of opposition, Internet advocates logged a victory when they defeated the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

    Written by Brandon Butler12 March 13 17:06
  • The Internet has escaped the ax, at least in the US, at least for now

    A year ago <a href="">I wrote</a> that 2011 would be a year in which the Internet would "be under a multi-pronged attack that threatens to change it irrevocably in ways that may destroy much of the Internet's potential." Well, 2011 has come and mostly gone, and it turned out that my pessimism may have been misplaced but not invalid.

    Written by Scott Bradner21 Dec. 11 02:31
  • Goodbye 2011 ... What a year!

    Well, as we are just a hop, skip and an eggnog away from putting on silly hats, drinking champagne, and kissing random people as we bid goodbye to the year, it behooves me to look into the digital rearview mirror and ponder what we can see rushing away from us.

    Written by Mark Gibbs19 Dec. 11 17:27