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  • Security agency turns smartphones into selfie spycams

    Lebanon's intelligence service may have turned the smartphones of thousands of targeted individuals into cyber-spying machines in one of the first known examples of large-scale state hacking of phones rather than computers, researchers say.

    Written by Reuters19 Jan. 18 09:16
  • Samsung blames batteries from two makers for Note7 explosions

    Samsung Electronics on Monday blamed batteries supplied by two manufacturers for the overheating and even explosions of some Galaxy Note7 phones, as it tried to provide a long due explanation for the issues surrounding the smartphone.

    Written by John Ribeiro23 Jan. 17 15:07
  • Scientists can now make lithium-ion batteries last a lifetime

    Researchers at the University of California have discovered a way to use nanowires to allow lithium-ion batteries in smartphones, electric vehicles and other commercial devices to be recharged hundreds of thousands of times.

    Written by Lucas Mearian22 April 16 04:16
  • BlackBerry 10 devices are probably dead

    BlackBerry has stopped producing phones with its in-house operating system as the company focuses on a more secure Android.

    Written by Jared Newman12 April 16 02:55
  • Galaxy S7 and mid-range phones boost Samsung’s profit

    Samsung Electronics’ flagship Galaxy S7 smartphones and sales of its mid-range devices in emerging markets have likely helped the company boost its operating profit in the first quarter.

    Written by John Ribeiro07 April 16 12:45
  • VR and AR to be powered by smartphones beyond 2017

    Virtual and augmented reality headsets like Facebook's Oculus Rift and Microsoft HoloLens will start to shift onto smartphones and mobile devices beyond 2017, according to Telsyte.​

    Written by Rebecca Merrett08 March 16 12:24
  • Foxconn to pay over $US6bn for a majority stake in Sharp

    Sharp has approved an offer from Hon Hai Precision Industry and related companies to acquire over 66 per cent of the company’s voting stock, making the Taiwanese contract manufacturer the new parent of the venerable Japanese firm.

    Written by John Ribeiro25 Feb. 16 21:01
  • Water-resistant Galaxy S7 Edge makes unofficial debut

    Meanwhile, LG today officially announced a 5.7-in. display G4 Stylus 2 smartphone running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), with a thinner pen tip on its stylus for notetaking and drawing.

    Written by Matt Hamblen17 Feb. 16 00:00
  • 7 smartphone trends to watch this year

    Smartphones this year are poised to become more interactive, more fun and maybe a little bit smarter than you’d like them to be.

    Written by Agam Shah05 Feb. 16 10:43
  • ​ANZ upgrades online banking

    ANZ on Friday announced an upgrade to its Internet banking platform, claiming it’s the first major Australian bank to offer a consistent experience to 2.1 million customers across desktop, tablet, and mobile.

    Written by Byron Connolly27 Nov. 15 12:46
  • Huawei shows off fast-recharging battery

    Huawei has developed a prototype smartphone battery that can be recharged to half its capacity in just five minutes.

    Written by Martyn Williams14 Nov. 15 01:03