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  • How to Switch From iPhone 5S to BlackBerry Z30 (and Why)

    Spend some time with a BlackBerry 10 device and you just might put your iPhone away for good. contributor Paul Mah did. Here he outlines the nine steps it takes to move from an iPhone 5S to a BlackBerry Z30.

    Written by Paul Mah15 April 14 22:37
  • Are iPhones the New International Currency?

    When traveling to a foreign country, the exchange rate may not always be in your favor, but your iPhone is as good as gold -- and with the markup you can charge, it may be better than gold.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige25 Feb. 14 16:10
  • Why Wall Street and Tech Analysts Got the iPhone 5S Wrong

    Financial analysts, tech industry watchers and even a few media outlets struck out on initial iPhone 5S and iOS 7 predictions. Why didn't they see the record-breaking sales coming?

    Written by Tom Kaneshige25 Sept. 13 18:48
  • iWatch Sighting in Latest Apple Ad?

    Apple's newest TV ad might be revealing a glimpse of the rumored iWatch, best that's the only good thing about it, writes's Tom Kaneshige.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige24 May 13 18:01
  • Apple Quick Tips: Set Up iOS 4 Folders Wisely

    iOS 4, Apple's newest OS for the iPhone, has a helpful new folder feature that lets you reduce the number of iPhone app screens you must scroll through to find the app you want. You may be able to consolidate to just two screens. But using iOS 4 folders can be a little frustrating, as iPhone owners try to drag apps into folders using their bulky fingers.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige01 July 10 01:50
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  • What's behind Apple's mea culpa in China?

    Apple CEO Tim Cook's overboard apology to China about the company's alleged disregard of customer service highlights an East-West cultural clash about how to do business.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige03 April 13 23:03
  • iPad 2 and iPhone 5: What's coming?

    Kyle Wiens and his team at iFixit, a Web site that provides free repair manuals and advice forums, are some of the smartest Apple geeks around. They've taken apart countless iPhones, Macs and iPads to see what makes them tick-and, of course, to find out how to repair them.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige03 Feb. 11 05:01