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  • Here comes a supercomputing app store

    The big problem facing supercomputing is that the firms that could benefit most from the technology aren't using it. It is a dilemma.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau29 Nov. 13 11:49
  • Aruba announces cloud-based Wi-Fi management service

    Aruba Networks announced a new Aruba Central cloud-based management service for Wi-Fi networks that could be valuable to companies with branch operations, schools and mid-sized networks where IT support is scarce.

    Written by Matt Hamblen01 Oct. 13 12:07
  • SMBs overwhelmed with data turn to cloud services

    Millions of small- and medium-sized businesses are vastly underserved by suppliers of data protection hardware and services, even though the organizations have many of the same needs as large enterprises, a new research report revealed.

    Written by Lucas Mearian13 Oct. 10 02:25