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  • Is the Technology Skills Gap Fact or Fiction?

    In Part 1 of his three-part series, publisher emeritus Gary Beach examines a question that's stumping job seekers, employers and economists -- does a skills gap exist in the United States in general and in the IT market in particular? (Includes video introduction to the series.)

    Written by Gary Beach05 Sept. 13 19:34

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  • The Cost of Cloud Expertise report

    The Cost of Cloud Expertise report was developed by Rackspace to explore the importance of expertise to an organisation’s cloud evolution and the impact the current technical skills gap is having on businesses. In collaboration with LSE academics and Vanson Bourne, we surveyed more than 950 IT decision makers and 950 IT pros from across the globe to better understand the barriers to increasing cloud usage, the impact this has on innovation and business growth, and the skills organisations require to compete in our technologically driven world.