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  • Sprint and T-Mobile defend unlocking policies

    Sprint and T-Mobile separately defended their smartphone and tablet unlocking policies on Wednesday <a href="">following criticism from independent researcher Sina Khanifar</a>.

    Written by Matt Hamblen19 Feb. 15 08:08
  • Researcher faults unlocking policies from Sprint and T-Mobile

    Sprint and T-Mobile don't fully comply with a series of voluntary smartphone and tablet unlocking policies, even though both companies were <a href="">praised last week by the Federal Communications Commission</a> (FCC) for doing so, according to an independent analysis performed by a former developer of unlocking software.

    Written by Matt Hamblen18 Feb. 15 12:16
  • Chinese users tire of older social networking sites

    Social networking sites in China that are modeled on Facebook are having a hard time holding on to users, with customers like Beijing resident Shi Yunfeng, drifting away to newer services.

    Written by Michael Kan28 July 14 22:57
  • Apple probes iPhone 5-related death in China

    Apple promised to investigate a report that a young Chinese woman was electrocuted when she answered her iPhone 5 while it was plugged into its charger.

    Written by Gregg Keizer15 July 13 17:09
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