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  • Tuning the security analysts

    I have told you about the need to <a href="">tune our security incident and event monitoring (SIEM) tool</a>. Now we need to tune the analysts who are monitoring the SIEM.

    Written by By Mathias Thurman28 Aug. 14 22:46
  • Security tool delivers surprise insights to Domino's Pizza

    Marketers at Domino's Pizza are gaining new and more immediate insights into online coupon usage from an unexpected source: a security management tool used by the national chain's IT department.

    Written by Ellen Messmer24 Oct. 13 19:08
  • ForeScout technology encourages security management info sharing

    ForeScout Technologies Tuesday introduced technology that allows other security vendors as well as third parties such as systems integrators to share monitoring and security-related information directly with ForeScout's CounterAct network-access control product.

    Written by Ellen Messmer15 Oct. 13 21:56
  • McAfee sets sandbox appliance to explode stealthy malware

    McAfee has unveiled a security appliance it calls McAfee Advanced Threat Defense which uses sandboxing technology to open incoming files to safely "explode" them to see if they contain stealthy malware.

    Written by Ellen Messmer02 Oct. 13 18:04
  • HP rolls out next-gen firewall line, threat-detection service

    HP today took the wraps off its Next-Generation Firewall line designed to exert application-level controls and visibility over all traffic related to the enterprise, including mobile devices used in public WiFi settings and traffic from cloud services.

    Written by Ellen Messmer17 Sept. 13 14:26
  • IBM unveils vulnerability manager as part of QRadar SIEM

    IBM today announced vulnerability-management capabilities available with its security information and event management (SIEM) product, called QRadar, that will let security managers identify network assets and prioritize network vulnerabilities for remediation.

    Written by Ellen Messmer25 July 13 16:26
  • Gartner security survey: McAfee up, Trend Micro down

    A Gartner report about the security software market shows that No. 2 ranked McAfee enjoyed the most overall growth last year, Trend Micro slipped but stayed No. 3, and Symantec held onto its top spot with 19.6 per cent of the $US19.1 billion market.

    Written by Ellen Messmer30 May 13 18:37
  • RSA: IT security managers skeptical on Big Data Security proposition

    While "Big Data Security" is now the industry buzzword and defines a way to get enterprise customers into a new method of threat detection based on mining massive amounts of security-event and business data to pinpoint threats, the response from a few IT shops seems to be"thanks, but no thanks."

    Written by Ellen Messmer28 Feb. 13 17:19
  • Do enterprise security teams want Big Data Security?

    A big theme at the RSA Conference this year is a concept known as Big Data Security -- the idea that massive amounts of data related to both network security and of business context should be stockpiled to be analyzed to pinpoint malware, rogue insiders and stealthy attacks aimed at stealing sensitive data.

    Written by Ellen Messmer27 Feb. 13 17:35
  • Evolving security standards a challenge for cloud computing, expert says

    Any enterprise looking to use cloud computing services will also be digging into what laws and regulations might hold in terms of security and privacy of data stored in the cloud. At the Cloud Security Alliance Congress in Orlando this week, discussion centered on two important regulatory frameworks now being put in place in Europe and the U.S.

    Written by Ellen Messmer08 Nov. 12 15:53
  • IBM anoints Q1 Labs technology as centerpiece of security portfolio

    IBM intends to make the security information and event management (SIEM) technology gained through the acquisition of Q1 Labs, which was officially closed yesterday, the centerpiece of IBM's broad security product portfolio.

    Written by Ellen Messmer28 Oct. 11 05:34
  • Guidance forensics tool now working with SIEM

    Guidance Software today said its <a href="">computer forensics</a> tool is now capable of automated collection of data on endpoint devices, including computers and <a href="">smartphones</a>, based on a <a href="">security</a> information and event management (SIEM) alert.

    Written by Ellen Messmer19 Oct. 11 08:47