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  • Sidekick data restoration still not underway

    By the time lost Sidekick data reappears, will anybody care? Of course, but the longer it takes Microsoft to restore data lost Oct. 5 in a massive server crash, the less the data is worth.

    Written by David Coursey20 Oct. 09 04:13
  • Ballmer: Sidekick outage 'not good'

    Las Vegas: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer characterized the recent Sidekick data loss episode as "not good," and said he believes all the data will be recovered, but added that Microsoft will have to be more forthcoming in explaining to enterprise customers why a similar situation won’t occur with Microsoft’s online services.

    Written by John Fontana20 Oct. 09 14:35
  • Sidekick fiasco highlights need for mobile backups

    The loss of personal data that Sidekick users in the U.S. have suffered is a shame, but it also shows how important data stored on mobile phones has become.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs13 Oct. 09 02:49
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