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  • How to make SharePoint 2013 more mobile

    Microsoft's SharePoint 2013 offers improved mobile features, however, enterprises need stronger capabilities and may need to turn to third-party applications to make SharePoint fill those growing mobile needs.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez20 June 13 18:42
  • SharePoint 2013 challenges and questions for CIOs

    SharePoint 2013 arrives with a new user interface and new collaboration, search, storage and task management features. But gaps remain in areas like social and mobile, and upgrading and governing SharePoint is still rife with challenges.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez04 March 13 19:24
  • 7 things about SharePoint 2013 all IT pros should know

    Microsoft SharePoint 2013 builds upon previous releases in 2007 and 2010 to better support big data, mobile users and public-facing websites. However, choosing between server- or cloud-based versions of SharePoint 2013 may frustrate IT executives. Here are five highlights and two concerns of the Microsoft's latest SharePoint iteration.

    Written by Jonathan Hassell11 Feb. 13 16:53
  • Microsoft's Wave of Office, Server Product Releases Brings Flood of Questions

    Amid the Windows 8 buzz, Microsoft has released to manufacturing Office 2013, Exchange, SharePoint and Lync server products. Not surprisingly, there's a heavy emphasis on the cloud. There's also already talk of what might appear in the first service pack releases, which brings into question the whole RTM model.

    Written by Jonathan Hassell25 Oct. 12 15:57