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  • Picking a Fight Over NSA Surveillance in the Post-Snowden Era

    Privacy and Internet freedom will take center stage when Congress debates NSA Surveillance Reform. Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden is ready to lead the charge for stricter oversight of the NSA's far-ranging intelligence-gathering activities.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin09 Oct. 13 21:56
  • Google's Invasions of Privacy, Free But Flawed Products Show Its Arrogance

    Google is now admitting that its users shouldn't expect privacy when using Gmail. Meanwhile, a PC OEM says the free Android OS costs more, and causes more headaches, than Windows. Put this together, columnist Rob Enderle says, and you have a company that very well may be too arrogant to survive.

    Written by Rob Enderle16 Aug. 13 12:43
  • 'Stop Watching Us' Coalition Aims to Stop NSA's PRISM Surveillance Program

    Reddit, Mozilla, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and others from across the political spectrum join forces to flood members of Congress with letters seeking revisions to the Patriot Act and reforms that will rein in the NSA's surveillance of Internet and phone records via a program known as PRISM.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin14 June 13 19:56