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  • They're back! Data breach notification bills resurface

    After several large breaches -- including the <a href="">Epsilon</a>, <a href="">Sony</a>, and <a href="">Citigroup</a> incidents that left customer financial data exposed -- federal lawmakers are dusting the covers off of an old idea: national data breach notification laws.

    Written by George V. Hulme27 June 11 23:48
  • Former PA CISO: Cybersecurity bill won't work

    It has been four months since moving from public service as CISO for the Commonwealth of PA into the private sector as a consultant. The thing about cybersecurity is that, although the private sector is just as important as the public, it seems that the government has been dominating the news and direction of cyber protection.

    Written by Robert Maley30 July 10 00:55
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  • Translating Security Leadership into Board Value

    What Boards Want to Know and CISOs Need to Say Seven years ago in the SBIC report Bridging the CISO-CEO Divide, we explored the best practices security leaders could use to communicate more effectively with their C􀀁Os. CISOs were at a crossroads and just beginning to take a seat at the executive table. We provided recommendations from global leaders about ways CISOs could embrace their growing leadership role, build trust with the executive leadership team and earn the confidence of their C􀀁O. We discussed how harting a new course based on a strategic, risk-based approach to information security would drive clear business value.

  • CISO 2013 Security Insights: A new standard for security leaders