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  • Foreign exchange firm OFX does Agile right

    When Craige Pendleton-Browne arrived at ASX-listed foreign exchange firm OFX in late 2015, the technology team was already doing Agile. Or at least, they thought they were.

    Written by George Nott31 July 17 14:37
  • Q&A: CTO Geoff Purcell on the changing tide at Melbourne Water

    ​When Geoff Purcell joined Melbourne Water in January last year, he arrived to a fragmented IT team, ageing asset management and business process systems, and endless disparate databases. But there was also a multi-million dollar, cross-business digital strategy that hoped to bring the government owned statutory authority up to date.

    Written by George Nott18 Aug. 16 09:15
  • ​Make it so! Agile is not an instruction

    Make it so! Every CIO would like to be Captain Jean-Luc Picard and cast the spell. And so it is with Agile methodologies.

    Written by Jenny Beresford07 March 16 10:40