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  • ANZ moves to new costing system

    Given that 60 per cent of transformation projects fail to deliver their objectives, the ANZ bank was keen to focus on customer service and a global outlook when it moved to a new costing system.

    Written by Lisa Banks13 Aug. 10 11:19
  • Innovation will come from IT and mathematics: panel

    Two years ago, Human Services could only attract seven IT graduates to its workforce. If there was a silver lining to the global financial crisis, it was a reprieve from what has become an ongoing issue around IT graduates in Australia.

    Written by Georgina Swan12 Aug. 10 17:23
  • ABS shifts to telling statistical stories

    The ABS has outlined a move to visual statistics in the hope of communicating with the Australian public more effectively.

    Written by Lisa Banks12 Aug. 10 16:20