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  • Nuage visualizes the SDN

    <a href="">Nuage Networks</a> this week released an application designed to better integrate physical and virtual networks.

    Written by Jim Duffy14 May 15 02:15
  • SAP sets its sights on the IoT with new Cloud services

    Targeting the 25 billion or so devices expected to be connected to the Internet by 2020, SAP has announced a new suite of Cloud services designed specifically for the so-called Internet of Things.

    Written by Katherine Noyes07 May 15 03:16
  • SAP brings its S/4Hana data platform to the cloud

    Building on the launch of the fourth generation of its enterprise software suite earlier this year, SAP on Wednesday unveiled the cloud version of S/4Hana.

    Written by Katherine Noyes07 May 15 00:49
  • Want to buy SAP software? There's an app (store) for that

    It's simple for consumers to get apps whenever the mood strikes them, but in enterprises it's typically a different story. Borrowing a page from successful consumer app stores, SAP has launched SAP Store, hoping to make software purchases just as easy on the business side.

    Written by Katherine Noyes06 May 15 06:33
  • SAP CEO touts tighter Google ties

    SAP is deepening its partnership with Google and will collaborate with the search giant on new projects focused on business analytics and enterprise applications.

    Written by Katherine Noyes06 May 15 03:23
  • IBM's new Power Systems servers are custom-made for SAP Hana

    SAP and IBM share a long history dating back to the very roots of SAP, and on Monday that allegiance got a little closer with two new IBM Power Systems server configurations tailored specifically for SAP's Hana in-memory data platform.

    Written by Katherine Noyes05 May 15 03:04
  • Can gamification solve enterprises' engagement problem?

    If 90 percent of the world's workforce were suddenly struck with a debilitating illness that rendered them unable to perform to their fullest potential, it would be declared a global crisis.

    Written by Katherine Noyes28 April 15 01:35
  • SAP patches login flaw in ASE database

    SAP patched a flaw on Thursday that could allow an attacker to take complete control over a database, according to security vendor Trustwave.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk24 April 15 13:13
  • Jemena shifts CRM to the cloud

    Energy infrastructure provider, Jemena, has moved its customer data into the cloud to support restructured process lines across its electricity, water and gas assets and improve customer service.

    Written by Byron Connolly21 April 15 12:41
  • SAP co-founder Tschira dies at 74

    Klaus Tschira, an SAP co-founder who helped pioneer the development of modern ERP (enterprise resource planning) software and turn the Germany-based company into a global software powerhouse, died Tuesday in Heidelberg at 74.

    Written by Marc Ferranti01 April 15 05:45
  • Why analytics is eating the world

    It's been nearly four years since investor and entrepreneur, Marc Andreessen, proclaimed that software is "eating the world", and the evidence is everywhere. Full-scale transformations are being wrought upon companies and industries alike, from financial services to agriculture to advertising.

    Written by Katherine Noyes24 March 15 11:01