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  • Is the Galaxy S7 or GS7 edge right for you?

    Samsung's latest flagship Android smartphones are now available, and though the Galaxy S7 and GS7 edge are similar in many ways, they have unique strengths and weakness you should consider before choosing one of the devices.

    Written by Al Sacco18 March 16 23:53
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  • 5 underrated features of the Samsung Galaxy S8

    After a week with the Samsung Galaxy S8, senior writer, Sarah White, finds a lot to love about the device besides it's stunning design and impressive display.

    Written by Sarah K. White21 April 17 06:52
  • Samsung targets the enterprise with Galaxy S8 and S8+

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are two stunning devices for consumers, but business users and IT departments will find a lot to love about the new smartphones, too.

    Written by Sarah K. White06 April 17 23:24
  • Timeline of Samsung's disastrous Galaxy Note7 debacle

    This infographic details the key turning points following Samsung's release of its fatally flawed Galaxy Note7 smartphone, including releases, recalls, damning photos, products exchanges, U.S. government intervention and the ultimate demise of the device.

    Written by Al Sacco12 Oct. 16 08:18

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