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  • RSA: Fight attackers by making software revisions so quickly, exploits could be evaded

    The future of software security may be revisions so frequent that attackers don't have time to figure out where the vulnerabilities are before the potential attack surface has morphed to something else, RSA Conference 2015 attendees were told by CISO of an investment non-profit that funds companies built on technology developed for the CIA.

    Written by Tim Greene24 April 15 05:59
  • RSA: Panel calls NSA access to encryption keys a bad idea

    Some of the world's best known cryptographers veterans of the crypto wars of the 1990s say government access to encryption keys is still a bad idea, but is an issue that will never go away because it's something intelligence agencies crave.

    Written by Tim Greene22 April 15 22:30
  • RSA chief to security pros: Stop addressing the wrong problems

    IT pros need to stop using old frameworks for addressing security and deal with today's reality because the old view of security is no longer useful, attendees at the RSA Conference 2015 in Las Vegas were told on Tuesday.

    Written by Tim Greene22 April 15 10:34