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  • In pictures: CIO Summit breakfast

    ​Tech leaders detailed their security strategies at a roundtable luncheon at this month's CIO Summit in Melbourne.​ They discussed the measures they are using to minimise the risk of cyber threats with a particular focus on the weakest link in any security strategy – email. The luncheon was sponsored by Mimecast.​

    Written by Byron Connolly25 Nov. 15 10:04
  • In pictures: The best ways to achieve operational intelligence roundtable

    CIO brought together business and IT leaders from an array of Australian organisations on March 31 to discuss ways to harness big data for growth and innovation during the shift to digital.

    Here are pictorial highlights from the lunch, held at Aria Restaurant in Sydney. The roundtable was sponsored by Splunk.

    Written by CIO Staff01 April 15 10:03
  • In pictures: CIO roundtable - data management

    CIOs gathered at the Park Hyatt in Sydney for a spirited roundtable discussion on data management issues - both present and future. The luncheon was sponsored by Unisys.

    Written by CIO Staff10 Nov. 14 11:49
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  • A new era of IT transformation

    The days of large IT transformation projects are over. In their place will be a new kind of IT transformation: smaller in scale, near-constant and more responsive to business needs — but with vast potential to revolutionise how IT is used by enterprises.

    Written by CIO Staff06 Dec. 11 07:39

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  • BYOD in Education: A report for Australia and New Zealand

    This report details the observations and findings from nine in-depth interviews and executive roundtable discussions conducted by IBRS in 2012 regarding BYOD in education <span style="color:#0000ff;">powered by Intel&reg;</span>. &bull; The more significant issue for education was not the device but the delivery of software and services that impact educational activities &bull; There is not one approach that fits all educational institutions &ndash; or even a single approach that can be used across a single school &bull; A broad cross-section of peers involved from across the education spectrum were represented at each roundtable, held in seven cities across ANZ region</p>