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  • ​Yahoo sale: ‘Alliances of the weak’ rarely work

    Yahoo will continue to struggle despite its $4.83 billion sale to Verizon as ‘alliances of the weak’ in an attempt to make a single strong competitor very rarely work, according to Warwick Business School’s John Colley.

    Written by Byron Connolly26 July 16 11:09
  • BlackBerry warns of disastrous Q2

    BlackBerry shares plunged 20% late Friday afternoon as the company announced plans to fire 40% of its employees and eventually cut expenditures in half over the next nine months. The actions were in response to the company's warning of a collapse in second fiscal quarter earnings.

    Written by John Cox20 Sept. 13 21:00
  • 5 reasons you can finally ditch BlackBerry

    BlackBerry 10 smartphone sales have been disappointing, and this month the company announced that it's essentially up for sale. Bad news aside, five key industry trends suggest that BlackBerry's purported advantages no longer matter.

    Written by John Brandon27 Aug. 13 10:43
  • BlackBerry's bleak options: will suitors really pay for a wedding?

    As BlackBerry's board of directors formally begin exploring "strategic alternatives," they'll find their options limited, according to two IT sector analysts. All the likely alternatives call for a much diminished company, or
    broken up into some software assets and a brand value that's declining every

    Written by John Cox12 Aug. 13 22:54
  • Startup uses new technology to out-Akamai Akamai

    Instart Logic is taking on the likes of Akamai and Amazon Cloudfront with a Web app-streaming service it says can cut in half the time it takes to load pages and applications to wireless devices.

    Written by Tim Greene14 June 13 17:05
  • SIP trunking: The savings are there but the transition is complex

    The merits of SIP trunking have been talked about for years and now it looks like businesses are aggressively adopting the technology, lured by striking cost savings and the promise of new functionality that their old phone networks just couldn't support.

    Written by Tim Greene04 April 13 20:11
  • Black Hat Europe: 10 intriguing security briefings

    What could possibly go wrong having a bunch of hackers hunkering down in Amsterdam this week at Black Hat Europe 2013? We're afraid to speculate, but what should go right is that they're ready to present a lineup of briefings at this annual security event that look topical and compelling.

    Written by Bob Brown11 March 13 17:28
  • Can BES 10 save BlackBerry?

    BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (BES 10) unites mobile device management (MDM), security, unified communications, and application management.

    Written by Mike Heck04 March 13 11:46
  • How BlackBerry recreated the mobile user experience with Z10

    With the release of the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone, the company once known as Research in Motion has staked its future on an ambitious bet: that it could craft a new "mobile user experience" that would, by itself, prove a strong attraction for buyers.

    Written by John Cox15 Feb. 13 17:13
  • BlackBerry delivers, but the Z10 and Q10 face stiff competition

    The newly rechristened BlackBerry delivered on its promise to breathe new life into an aging, iconic product line, but it still faces an uphill battle in a market dominated by Apple's iPhone and devices based on Google's Android operating system.

    Written by Matt Hamblen, Marc Ferranti11 Feb. 13 11:12