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  • How RIM's OS update can save the PlayBook

    When RIM released the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet in April, the tech sphere was overwhelmingly unimpressed. The lack of native email didn't help.

    Written by Angela West26 Oct. 11 11:13
  • RIM faces hard questions at this week's Developers Conference

    Will Blackberry-maker Research In Motion finally lay out clear plans for its next-generation devices on Tuesday during the company's Blackberry DevCon Americas developer conference in San Francisco? That's what some critics are wondering as RIM attempts to overhaul its image following a number of setbacks in recent months. Most recently, the company's reputation was battered from a multi-day service outage leaving Blackberry fans all over the globe without messaging and Internet capabilities.

    Written by Ian Paul18 Oct. 11 04:29
  • Four ways RIM can rebound from BlackBerry outage

    BlackBerry users around the world have been impacted this week with service outages. RIM has offered an explanation of the problem, and it has apologized, but it is going to take more than a simple "We're sorry" for RIM to regain the faith of loyal customers.

    Written by Tony Bradley14 Oct. 11 09:09
  • iPhone 5 demand high ahead of unveiling

    The new iPhone that Apple is expected to announce on Oct. 4 is already on the shopping list of many BlackBerry and Android users.

    Written by Daniel Ionescu30 Sept. 11 03:17
  • Death of HP TouchPad is prime opportunity for RIM PlayBook

    Perhaps you've heard that the HP TouchPad tablet has suffered an untimely demise? There are a lot of lessons that rival tablet vendors can learn from the death of the TouchPad (and the feeding frenzy it created in its wake). More importantly, though, the loss of the TouchPad creates a prime opportunity for a tablet like the BlackBerry PlayBook.

    Written by Tony Bradley25 Aug. 11 00:51
  • BlackBerry Blog hacked for helping police quell riots

    Hackers defaced the official Blackberry Blog today in retaliation for Research In Motion's pledge to assist police "in any way we can" in their efforts to quell the riots in London in recent days.

    Written by John P. Mello Jr.10 Aug. 11 03:47
  • Aussie spooks give BlackBerry PlayBook thumbs up

    The Defence Signals Directorate has certified the BlackBerry PlayBook for use by the government. The DSD stamp of approval now means government agencies can use the device for accessing data classified as 'protected' or 'restricted'.

    Written by TechWorld staff01 Aug. 11 16:06
  • SMS glitch for customers switching from BlackBerry to HTC

    BlackBerry owners switching to HTC handsets have reported a glitch when transferring data to their new phones, with all SMS messages stored on a BlackBerry device being resent to their original recipients.

    Written by Lisa Banks08 July 11 09:43
  • Mobile developers still choosing Android over iOS

    More than 5,000 iOS developers are in San Francisco for Apple's big party at the Worldwide Developers Conference, but a new report says the hippest place to be is the Android Market. The study, from Bluevia and Vision Mobile, found that 67 per cent of developers code for Android, while iOS trails at 59 per cent.

    Written by Eric Mack09 June 11 00:34